Declaration : 2020-2021

Head: Education
Attention: Ms SA Doolings
Directorate: Examinations Administration
Western Cape Education Department
4th Floor, Grand Central Towers
Lower Parliament Street
Cape Town, 8001
  • I certify that the my information in system is correct and accurate. Should there be any errors or false declarations, the applications will be disqualified.
  • I am currently teaching/appointed as Curriculum Adviser or Senior Curriculum Planner and have taught/facilitated the subject applied for at Grade 12 level during the past two years of the five-year cycle on a full-time basis.
  • I acknowledge that the WCED will terminate my appointment contract for marking in the event that I am on leave during the period leading to marking and inclusive thereof and if my absence from work is more than 50 working days in the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • I have/do not have a relative (i.e. son, daughter, sister or brother) who is writing 2020-2021 year NSC examination in the subject I am applying for.
  • I have/do not have a candidate living with me who is writing 2020-2021 year NSC examination in the subject I have been appointed for.
  • I am competent to mark in English only / Afrikaans only / English and Afrikaans. (delete which is not applicable) (NB: Not applicable to African language papers)
  • I have uploaded certified copies of the following documents to the application: Identity Document, statement of academic record/transcript.
  • I understand that my appointment, conditions of service and remuneration will be according to the applicable legislation, rules and regulations.
  • I will inform The Marking Processes Unit of any change in status (promotion, change of address, telephone, fax, etc), immediately.
  • I will abide by all conditions stipulated in Assessment Management Minute this year.